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Karolin Gast Witte

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An indispensable database for strategists and decision-makers

PEO© at a glance

An indispensable database for strategists and decision-makers

All advantages at a glance

  • Regular updates take into consideration new developments, e.g. Brexit - so you can quickly adapt your analyses with reliable figures
  • Support from our team and analysts - who are eager to help you with implementation
  • The comprehensive database is available in English and German - and therefore adapted for international teams and analyses
  • Fast downloads of data and time series in CSV or Excel format - which you can immediately use for your analyses
  • Prognoses based on Prognos AG’s renowned world economic model, VIEW - which takes into account the interdependence of all countries

In uncertain times, there is a growing demand for orientation. Prognos delivers answers to the big questions of the future. The Prognos Economic Outlook© (PEO) delivers independent figures. Based on our economic models we project the coming 25 years – for strategists and decision makers in politics, business and society.

Prognoses for 42 countries

PEO contains data and prognoses for 42 countries. Together, they encompass 90 % of the global gross domestic product. The data spans from 1995 to 2040.

400 variables per country

For every country, there are around 400 demographic and macroeconomic variables. They guarantee scientifically sound prognoses for strategists and decision makers who are interested in the global economy or take part in the world market.

Always up-to-date

PEO data is constantly being updated. This way, you will always receive our analysts’ most recent figures. Additionally, once a year, you will receive our in-depth report, summarising our insights into the current state of affairs and the future of the world economy.