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"Globalisation is advancing rapidly and affects every individual. Let your international activities benefit from our analyses and forecasts."

Progressive globalization is accelerating the change in current industry structures and the demands on employees worldwide. The integration of new countries and markets into global economic exchange, the dynamics of markets and technologies as well as cross-border migration of workers are rapidly and continuously changing production conditions and the competitive environment for domestic companies.

With well-founded analyses of future foreign markets, we provide companies and associations with a reliable planning instrument for their foreign trade activities. With economic evaluation and the monitoring of political projects such as negotiations on free trade agreements, we give policymakers guidance in their strategies and decisions. In our regularly published Globalisation Report, we take a closer look at a particularly topical foreign trade issue. Our analyses show macroeconomic relationships, consequences for individual industries and even answer the question: What does globalization mean for the individual?

Our studies are always model-based and based on country-specific expertise. Thanks to many years of cooperation with various players in the field of foreign trade, we have a broad understanding of our customers' requirements.